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Module 1

Travel Agent Basics - was $265, now $200!

This first module will introduce you to the exciting world of being a Travel Advisor, along with the essential building blocks of the travel industry. We then learn about Travel Advisor basic job tasks before moving on to the next Module.

Travel Agent Basics

3 Chapters
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Module 2

Travel Agent Specialists - was $265, now $200!

This second module gives an overview of top vacation destinations and dives deeper into the different types of Travel Advisor specializations. We then get a good comparison of the difference between the two main travel advisor positions – leisure and corporate specialists.

Travel Agent Specialists

3 Chapters
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Module 3

Earning Money through Excellent Sales and Service - Was $265, now $200!

This third module explores the ways Travel Advisors earn money from their sales. We also learn how to provide the best customer service and how to build relationships in order to build your business.

Earning Money through Excellent Sales and Service

2 Chapters
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Module 4

Protect Yourself and Your Client - Was $265, now $200

This fourth module discusses the role and importance of travel insurance as well as avoiding fraud and scams prevalent in the travel industry. You also learn about passports and visas.

Protect Yourself and Your Client

3 Chapters
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Module 5

Superstar Agents and Benefits - Was $265, now $200!

This fifth module explores the many benefits being a travel agent in the industry provides you and your family. You will also learn how best to find customers and grow into a Superstar Agent!

Superstar Agents and Benefits

2 Chapters
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Module 6

File Project and Next Steps - was $265, now $200!

This sixth module helps you organize and move forward with growing your travel agency business. You also have a final project where your Mentor will help you evaluate a real world example of a trip quote and booking. After this final module you will be well prepared to grow your successful travel business!

Final Project and Next Steps

2 Chapters
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Why Chose Rejuvia Travel Host Agency?

Training and Mentoring Programs

Rejuvia Travel has the best training and mentoring program in the industry because it was created by and is still used today by two highly successful travel agencies – Rejuvia Travel and Ambassador Travel. Our training was created by successful agents who know exactly how the industry operates, and has been training and mentoring new agents for decades. During and after your training modules, you will be assigned your personal Mentor who will answer all your questions and personally review your first few travel bookings to make sure you fully understand how to work as a travel agent.

We Have Fun!

Because Rejuvia Travel is a successful and well-established travel agency, we are offered many FAMS from our preferred cruise and resort suppliers. We share these FAM opportunities to our agents and Independent Contractors so they may better understand the products and experience it for themselves. We also have periodic Rejuvia conferences where you are able to visit with other agents and senior management. They are great opportunities to learn and have a great time.

Family Atmosphere

We are in this together! Your success is important, and your Mentor and Rejuvia Travel is there for you throughout your journey. We listen and support each other through thick and thin.

Excellent Value

You work hard building your business and we want to make sure you are paid competitive commissions. We offer you excellent training with strong mentorships, and lots of opportunities for fun with a family atmosphere. We are an excellent value for building your travel business!

Success With Marketing

We help you build your business by offering you social media and email templates, direct mail, and customizable flyers for your customers.

Career Benefits

Adventure For A Living

Adventure for a living. Embark on discounted cruises and accumulate free tropical resort stays as you meet sales goals.

Enjoy A Career

Enjoy a career with a flexible work schedule. Work part time or full time, from home or at an office. The choice is yours.

Be Your Own Boss

Be your own boss. You grow your business and make your own decisions, while still having the support and teamwork of Rejuvia Travel Host Agency management.

Profit From Your Passion

Profit from your passion. Make money while helping your clients plan their dream vacation in a career that you love.

Rejuvia Travel Success Stories

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